The Middle Path

The term ‘The Middle Path’ (or ‘Way’) refers to the Buddha’s discovery that the way to enlightenment could not be found in extreme asceticism nor in self-indulgence. He used the analogy of a sitar to demonstrate this idea: if the string is stretched too tight it breaks, if it is too loose it will not play.

In the same way yoga is often perceived in its two extremes: either as incredibly physically challenging or somewhat un-gratifying. The Middle Path approach reminds us that what we need is balance. There will be days when we feel the need for a physically challenging class and others when we feel a little fragile and in need of quiet, gentle exercises.

What to expect

Middle Path Yoga classes change from week to week and include a mixture of flowing, energising sequences and static, relaxing postures. They are practiced with an emphasis on the breath which enables us to remain present and calm. In so doing we are able to ‘tune in’ to our own requirements on that day. You will always be encouraged to listen to that inner voice rather than thinking about what you ‘should’ be doing or feeling. We can then let go of expectiations and regrets and awaken to the potential of the here and now!

Classes also include breathing exercises and deep relaxation.